21 / cis (she/her/hers pronouns) / bi / some kind of social phobia

about me

(tumblr user peculiarmojo did this babyshelly pixel and it's awesome asdsfgdhgf)

tomorrow is worldbuilding wednesday i’m looking forward to questions. rolls excitedly?? ???

good night


my little cousin started school and unexpectedly she’s turning out so much like me that it’s making me worry and i honestly don’t know if i should talk about it on this blog because it’s making me genuinely sad and worried and

reblog if gay dracula


this is ugly and indulgent

emily you are so good to me. you are so good

… in retrospect i’m honestly surprised i got through the night without having any nightmares about BABY  STAND

can i finish three whole panels tomorrow?? i am not sure but it would be so rad

good night

dear clipboard: don’t

god i missed roundabout. on a very much related note i think i’ve officially become jojo trash


(a companion piece)